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Balich fights for Homer Township City of Lockport taxpayers

My name is Steve Balich. As candidate for Will County Board, I will represent you. I have a proven record fighting taxes. In 2006 I answered the call by taxpayers in Homer Township City of Lockport complaining about being taxed by Homer Road District who did none of the work and City of Lockport that did all the work. After spending extensive time at the Tax Extension Department at County I understood the tax raised by Homer Road Levy was split with City of Lockport, but City of Lockport did all the work. The other Townships in City of Lockport have the same situation getting tax money for doing nothing.
After forming a committee to address the problem, we were joined by Lockport Citizens for fair Taxation. Jack Jarrett, Myself, and Ron De Sando met with The Homer Road Commissioner who promised to address the problem. We met with City of Lockport Officials, and reported back to the Homer Township Board. By 2008 we realized that implementing an equitable fix would take State changes to the process, which went nowhere.
Today Mike De Vivo is the only Township Road Commissioner within the City of Lockport that returns substantial funds above the legal split to the City of Lockport. This does not directly help the taxpayers of Homer Township City of Lockport, but does at least lessen the tax burden on everyone in City of Lockport. The other Townships within City of Lockport need to follow the example of Homer Township. The other Township Road Districts in City of Lockport are getting Tax Dollars for doing nothing.
Remember you can early vote by calling the County and asking to have a ballot mailed to your home 815 740-4626 No reason is needed
Steve Balich 815 557-7196 www.electbalich.com

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