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Bill Brady—2nd Amendment

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I figured I would let everyone know that just because an elected official is not up for election, good work needs to be complimented. Making information about who has a FOID public is not a good thing. Many people in Homer Glen as well as in the State of Illinois have a FOID card. I don’t think this should be made public. I feel strongly that even having to get a registration violates 2nd amendment rights. Newspapers don’t need a registration to print the news, and no one is asking for one. When it comes to guns and Illinois, we are so used to the elected officials wanting to take our rights away, nothing is even said about being forced to registrar that you own a gun. Bad people will get and use guns. Laws don’t mean anything to them. Our elected officials in their wisdom create laws concerning the 2nd amendment that only work with good citizens. How many shootings are in the liberal cities where guns are strictly controlled?
Bill Brady Sponsored Legislation to Protect Privacy of FOID Card Holders. The Senate Executive Committee today unanimously approved legislation co-sponsored by Senator Bill Brady to ensure that personal information about individuals who hold a Firearm Owners Identification Card is safeguarded and not disclosed except as necessary in a criminal investigation. The legislation, House Bill 3500, was prompted by a ruling from Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan that the Illinois State Police, which has maintained the confidentiality of information in its FOID Card database, should release the information. Brady said he expects a final vote in the Senate within the next week as the General Assembly works to complete its spring session. It passed the House 98-12 in April.
It is good to see some elected officials standing up for the Constitution, which is still the supreme law of the land. We need to have more of those we elect do the same.

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