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As of December 2012 I serve on the Will County Board. I served on the Judicial, Legislative, and Building Code Update Committees 2012 to 2017

In 2017 I was appointed to The Finance, Public Works and Transportation, and IT committees.

In 2014 I was put on the land Use Committee and continue to serve.

I served as a Forest Preserve Commissioner and on the Finance Committee 2012.

In 2015 I was also put on the Forest Preserve Operations Committee and Finance Committee.

I was a Homer Township Chamber Trustee 2012 to 2017.

I served 8 years as a homer Township Trustee and resigned from the Township Clerk position 5 months before my term expired. The Attorney General told me since a Clerk has no vote and there was no court case as to a conflict to being Clerk and County Board Member her opinion was I could do both. The Township Supervisor said the Township Attorney had a different opinion and they would take it to court. I did not want to incur the court costs for the taxpayer so I did not finish my term.

I served as Secretary of Fiesta Italiana Mokena 2014 to 2017.

Member of the Lockport Moose since 2002

I do not take the County Pension.

My First action on the County Board, at my first meeting was proposing a Concealed and Open Carry Resolution. It Passed in the Legislative Committee February 2013 Went on to be passed by full Board in March
1. I have been hosting Utah Concealed Carry Classes since 2010, and Illinois Concealed Carry Classes since the day it became legal
2. I held a fundraiser to benefit the Illinois State Rifle Association in 2014, and one is planned for September 10th 2015

2013 I organized an effort to stop raised medians on 159th street in Homer Glen. I organized a group going to Springfield to meet with IDOT Director Ann Schnieder and Chief Engineer Omar Tentman. We succeeded in getting more cuts for u-turns on 159th but they would not eliminate the raised medians.

April, 2013 as part of the Building Code Update Committee I began an effort to get rid of over regulation by the County Building Department.
1. Aerial Photography to initiate code violations made illegal in may 2014.
2. All Building codes were put online so everyone has access.
3. I monitor what goes on in Administrative Adjudication.
4. I helped numerous citizens with problems associated with rules and treatment by the Land Use Department.

Stand with a loud voice against raises for county elected officials including County Board Members.

Explained to the Republican Caucus the implications of allowing Will County to be part of “Cool Cities”. This initiative eventually failed. ( It was backed by the Sierra Club, and had its goal of elimination of Coal and other Fossil Fuel)

Continue to fight against Property Tax increases by local taxing Bodies including schools, fire districts, road districts, township, village, etc. Voted No to every Property tax increase while on County Board.

Standing against illegal immigration I wrote an ordinance July 2010 for Homer Township, Homer Township Resolution #HT071210 which passed saying English is the Official language, All existing immigration laws will be inforced, and schools will verify residency. In 2014 was part of organization of protests on I355 against the flood of illegals on our Southern Border.

Standing against government abuse of Eminent Domain I sponsored a Resolution that supported the passage of Federal and State Legislation to limit government’s use of eminent domain for solely public purposes and to protect the property of private citizens from unreasonable seizure by the government.

2014 I began a quest to not charge towing, storage, and Administration fees to those found not guilty in court, but had their vehicle towed.

2014 May, Stood against the Forest Preserve using Facebook to write tickets for people not having bought a tag to be at the County Dog Park.

2014 October, Stood against Recorder of Deeds doing a no bid contract and raising fees with no cost study. Contacted the States Attorney

2014 September, Organized a Fundraiser to benefit the ISRA

2014 March, Helped organize protest over Interstate 355 against illegal immigration.

2014 May, My Legislation outlawing use of aerial photos to give Building Code violations became law.

2014 March, Stopped County from putting raised barrier medians on 143rd St.

2014 April, Voted no to raises for elected County Office Holders including County Board Members.

2014 Hosted numerous Concealed Carry Classes and a Fundraiser for the Illinois State Rifle Association

2014 Went to School Board meetings and Fire Board to ask them not to raise property taxes.

2014 Organized Candidate Forums so people could have a better idea of whom to vote for.

2015 January – February Successful in stopping light ordinance that had no measurements relying on the opinion of Code officers as to what is a nuisance.

2015 January to April coordinator for Vivienne Porter and Russ Petrizzo candidates for 33c School Board.

2015 January began woking with The Federal Small business Administration to get Will County Businesses into Hubzone where they can secure government contracts.

2015 March, Ordinance for Creating an Administrative fee to go with Towing and storage fees moved to the Executive Committee without language to refund the money if the verdict was not guilty. http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=3360 explains my position.

April, 2015 at Executive Committee language was put in the ordinance to allow the Judge to refund the fees upon a not guilty verdict

May 7th public hearing was held, and will go to full Board for approval May 21st Passsed into law on May 21,2015

2015 March organized another class to get concealed carry license.

2015 May 6th initiated a referendum “Shall each taxing body located partially or wholly within Homer Township, County of Will, State of Illinois, be required to seek voter approval by referendum prior to increasing its annual total Property Tax Levy”

2015 May 12th Argue that code inspectors can only inspect what a permit was written for. They don’t have the right to write violations for other items out of code. I believe this is a violation of the 4th amendment.

2015 Summer was spent getting signatures for the Property tax Referendum, and pushing opinions that favor the taxpayer at the Will County Board. August 27th Helped bring Businesses to the Hubzone Seminar at Joliet Jr. College. Had 2 property tax ralleys and plan a third for September. Participated in numerous meet and greets to answer questions from the public.

2015 September, Started the Process of stopping the growth of government at the Forest Preserve as well as the County. We do not need a tax increase, and we should not give raises in amounts like #10,000. I will continue to fight to reduce the size and cost of government. Got enough signatures to put the Homer Township Tax Referendum on the Ballot March 15, 2016.

2015 September Organized Fundraiser for the Illinois State Rifle association

2015 October, Argued against raising Property Taxes at Will County and the Forest Preserve. Fought but lost the vote to use a market study to determine wages for non-union employees at Forest Preserve. My opinion is Public sector employees get the best benefits and highest pay, with the most days off. The market study does not reflect comparable wages for private sector positions. Vote ended up with no raises, no new land purchases, and a decrease in the tax rate as well as the Levy amount. On the County side, only 5 of us voted not to go for increasing the Levy or the tax rate. The Vote that won decreased the tax rate and raised the Levy which still resulted in a tax decrease.

2015 October I went to the 33c Finance Meeting for the Levy. The school showed me they are trying to cut anb where they are spending less. They are going for half the Levy of last year. I said I would post there article in the Will County News which I am Editor. They seem to get it and want to find ways to cut spending.

2015 November Argued for not taking the New Construction for the Will County Levy. 5 people voted with me. There will still be a cut in the Dollars asked, and the Tax rate. Worked with Land Use to get times for concrete inspections so that the contractors don’t have to pay their crews to wait for the inspector. Land Use agreed to this months ago but is now formalizing it in a letter to all the concrete contractors.

2015 December I voted against all tax increases including taking an increase of new Construction because I want to see property taxes go down as much as possible.

2015 I did a FOIA of the Will County Land Use Dept. of which I am a committee member to find out 1. Job Title of every employee, with job description, regular pay, actual salary, bonuses, longevity pay, and reimbursed expenses for 2013, 2014, 2015, and projection for 2016. 2. If the employee is part of the Union or not. 3. Conferences & event attended by each employee and paid for by Will County, Will County land Use Department, a division of will County Land Use Department, or the solid waste fund; as well as the purpose of attending the conference or event with an itemized accounting for any expense paid for by the County. 4. The name of each contractor engaged by the Will County Land use Dept. the purpose of the engagement and the compensation. 5. Name of each employee authorized to make purchases on a Will county Credit Card, and the amount of each purchase. This was submitted December 14th at 2:10pm. I received an email stating they extended the response time to December 30th 2015.

2016 January The short term we will move barricades in next week or two, north of Gougar and 147th, allowing for cars to cut through like the old days from 151st over to Lemont rd/State via 147th. The Long Term in next 60-90 days a temporary split phase signal will be placed at Gougar and 143rd, then all the barricades will be gone completely The condemnation cases continue on until won and then permanent signals can be installed and the re-alignment of Gougar and 143rd intersection is completed Thanks for all your help and patience in the process!
Ben Benson Lockport Village Mgr.

2016 Delegate for Ted Cruz, helped facilitate a campaign offine in Homer Glen, and organize a rally in Lemont, and Actively working with the Tea Party in Will County of which I am a co-Founder going back to 2008. We represent Americans fed up with corrupt ever expanding government that forgets the Constitution was written to protect the people from big governmentwith more and more regulation, taxes, controll and waste.

2016 September organizing the third annual fundraiser to benefit the Illinois State Rifle Association using a not for profit I formed with Vivienne Porter (Constitutional Rights)

2016 addressing Electronic Recycling Issues in Will county

2016 March 15, By an 87% the homer property tax Referendum passed Total Votes 9365 in favor 8131 against 1234 This was a great feeling after working since May of 2014 to get this on the ballot and passed.

2016 April I am one of 20 to be on the Rules Committee for the State of Illinois Republican Convention in May. I do not want to change rule to favor any candidate or have rules taking away the voice of the individual citizens to give to the political party establishment. This month I have been going to local Boards talking about the tax referendum.

2016 May After being called by City of Lockport City Mgr. concerning Property valuations by taxing bodies using values from 8 to 10 years ago to set impact fees. This is hurting development. I brought it to the County Board where it was discussed in Executive Committee to go to the full Board for approval the the County Board of Reveiw will set the values.

June 14, 2016 At the legislative Committee I presented a Resolution to allow Will County Board Members with proper concealed carry license to carry in the County Buildings.

July and August 2016 try to get approval to carry concealed in The County Building, where there is zero protection. Pursuant to:
(720 ILCS 5/21-6) (from Ch. 38, par. 21-6):
Sec. 21-6. Unauthorized Possession or Storage of Weapons.

July, August, 2016 September, October, hold numerous Town Hall, meet and Greets. Push for reduction in Property Taxes.

September 2016 I voted not to avoid a vote to eliminate IMRF (Retirement ) for County Board members. I did not take the IMRF and want it eliminated for County Board Members.

October 2016 Voted to raise the hours to be considered as part time for work in the County from 600 to 1000

On September 27th 2016, the Will County Deputy Sheriff’s Union held its monthly meeting. I am pleased to inform you that the Will County Deputy Sheriff’s Union has endorsed you for Will County Board District 7.
Your continued commitment to serving the citizens of Will County is something that our board and membership stand behind. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and good luck on your upcoming election.
James Zdzinicki
Vice-President-Will County Deputy Sheriff’s Union

October 2016 I was endorsed by Building Trades Union

October 2016 Endorsed by Will County Sheriff employees

November 2016 will-county-building-trades-endorsment-2016

December 2016 Argue to allow property ownsers to ask permission to get a special use permit for all zoning classifications.I lost this vote but still feel it is wrong not to allow citizens the right to ask.

December 2016 Stand to not exclude Braidwood from the new 911 Board forming in the Sheriff Facility now under construction. County Board should not exclude any City that wants to come in as long as there is room. Cost is less the higher the participation by other cites.

December 2016 Work with Citizens Utility board to reduce the rate increase from Illinois American Water. http://willcountynews.com/2016/12/15/steve-balich-mike-fricilone-win-fight-against-increased-water-rates/

JOLIET, IL – Will County Board members Steve Balich (R-Homer Glen) and Mike Fricilone (R-Homer Glen) today announced they and the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) were successful in appealing a proposed water rate hike by Illinois American Water Company (IAWC). Consumers in Homer Glen will now pay significantly less for their water than the amount IAWC requested.

January 2017 http://willcountynews.com/2017/01/02/county-board-member-urges-governors-state-to-bar-illegal-immigrants/

January 2017 Addressing increased Property taxes from local Boards

January 2017 Meeting with Small Business Association (Federal) City of Joliet, Will County Workforce, Will County CED to put together a plan to help revitalize Business in the County starting with Joliet

February 2017 Organized a meeting in Washington with the head of the Small Business Adm. and the person in charge of the SBA in Illinois. Working on making Joliet a pilot program for the Trump Adm to revitalize cities.

March 2017 appointed to the Will County IT Committee. Successfully stood up to attacks from Progressive democrats calling me every name in the book. Thanks to an article in Illinois Review by Fran Eaton supporting me, as well as friends and people from the community calling the County in my behalf telling me they are with me. ILLINOIS REVIEW MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2017 WILL COUNTY BOARD MEMBER UNDER SEIGE FROM LOCAL LEFTIST WOMEN’S GROUP

June 2017 I begin fighting for keeping zoning ordinances from becoming over reaching.

June 2017 Appointed Will County Coordinator for Conservative Candidate Network a group seeking to help conservative candidates get elected.

2017 July We the Republican Majority of the County Board Declared we will Freeze Property Tax Rate and work to lower it. I am also on the Committee to change certain zoning ordinances, and will fight to keep government from expanding and making rules that hinder citizens or business.

2017 July Oppose Will County Land Use setting a policy without going to the Board to do rental inspections. This is an overreach of Government to expand the land use dept. What they are trying to do is a violation of the 4th amendment by searching without a warrant and no probable cause. Also the 5th and 14th amendments due process taking away 4th amendment rights.

2017 July Addressing Regulations that affect Economic Development.

August 2017 Stopped Will county Land Use from initiating a rental inspection program targeting 17,000 plus landlords with HUD violations. HUD rules were not adopted by Will County, we use 2012 building codes.

August 2017 Leading the charge with Mike Fricilone to remove pensions from Will County Elected County Wide Office Holders. (

September 2017 Initiated removing the need for building permits for maintenance items like replacing a door or a window

September 2017 Appointed to National Association of Counties Economic development Committee

October 2017 Vote in Land Use Committee moves removing maintenance items need for building permits to the next phase.

November Working a Zoning code updates and removing repair and maintenance items from the Building code ordinance. On the Committees to Elect Laurie Mc Phillips Will County Clerk, Jeanne Ives for Illinois Governor, Victoria Kennison for Judge.

December 2017 Continue to work on exempting repair and maintenance items from the requirement of a building permit. We did make elimination of Puppy Mills as part of our State Legislative Agenda.

January 2018 moving forward with some exceptions to needing a permit for repair and maintenance items. Ground Breaking for public safety building. Includes consolidation of 31, 911 agency’s under the County umbrella.
Endorsed by Local 150, Plumbers, and Electricians

February 2018 Continue to work on exempting repair and maintenance items from the need of a Building Permit.

March 2018 Land Use committee voted to change some ordinances public hearing will be in May. I will continue to work to change more

April 2018 Addressing plumbing section of the code to allow no permit for repair and maintenance items.
Endorsed by Southland Republican Womens Organization
Voted with the rest of the Republicans against pay raises for all elected officials in Will County

May 2018 Demanded to know the dollar amount given as a bonus or stipen to non union employees. I have found $68,000 in just the Land Use Dept. for year 2017. We need to know before passing the budget.

June 2018 Finally got list of stipends for all County Departments, working on cutting each budget by the amount of the stipend with Mike Fricilone. Exempting need for repair and maintenance items are beginning to happen with Board exempting Repair of roofs, door and window replacement in the same opening. Presented a Resolution to make Will County a Sanctuary County for Gun rights. Asked the Sheriff for a written statement of the policy and procedures of what happens when an illegal is arrested. Brought out that we need a policy concerning calling ICE. Luna an illegal with over 30 arrests confesses to 3 violent rapes.

July 2018 Coalition for better Government endorsed me. Brought up the need for a policy concerning calling of ICE when illegals are caught rather than waiting for a crime like the 3 violent rapes confessed to by an illegal arrested over 30 times. This happened at the I & M canal. Continuing to exempt items form the need of a building permit.

August through November work on the campaign to get re-elected. Continue the fight to eliminate the need for a building permit for repair and maintenance items on your property.Continue to fight for lower taxes.

2018 November 6th I won the election but the Democrats took control of the Board 14 to 12. It will be difficult but very possible to win the coming disagreements between big government with higher taxes vs small government with less taxes and regulations.

January 2019 argued to keep prayer before the Monthly meeting. Argued for more repair and maintenance items to be exempt from the need for building permits.

February 2019 Agreement to keep prayer by Democrats getting the person to do the invocation on the odd months and Republicans on the even months. The Democrats refuse to move the exemptions for Building permits or minor repairs and maintenance out of committee, and refuse to move it to the full Executive committee to go to the full board for a vote. Discussion of bonding more than is needed by the Democrats meeting resistance by the Republicans.


I have been actively involved in the community. Here are some of the things I am involved with :
Lockport Moose member 2002 – Present

Participate with Lockport Love as much as posible

Member Homer Founders Club Board of Directors 1999 to 2016,

St. Joseph’s Club of Homer Glen Member 2007 to 2017 Club Secretary 2014 – 2017,

911 Tribute Ceremony Chairman 2002 to 2013,

Organize walking parties to elect conservative candidates 2002 to present,

Homer Township TRIAD {Seniors and Law enforcement working together with seniors} Chairman 2006 to 2010,

Homer TWP. Emergency Management & Safety Committee Chair 2004- 2010,

Co- Founder of the Conservative Committeeman Project 2010 -2014 group became inactive

Will County organizer for “Any Street, Conservative Grassroots,”

Homer Township Senior Committee member 2005 to Present, SOS Children’s Village & La Rabida Toy Drive Committee 2006 to 2009.

I am still a Co-Organizer of the Homer Lockport Tea Party and the Will County Tea Party Alliance.

I have been involved with numerous Projects including:

President of the Homer Founders Club. 1999 to 2010,

Coaching Children’s Sports 1990 to 1999,

Homer Healing Garden Co- Chair 2005 t0 2009,

Homer Glen Comprehensive Plan Committee member 2002,

I355 Advisory Council member 2006-2009,

Teaching religious education CCD 15 yrs.

Homer Glen Green Space Committee member,

Homer Township Trustee 2001 to 2009,

Homer TWP. Summer Fun Fest Annual Softball committee Chairman 2002-2010,

La Rabida Toy Drive Committee Chair 2006 to 2009,

Homer Township Parks and Recreation Committee member 2005-2009,

Homer Township Trantina Farm Committee member 2005 to 2008,

Homer Glen Community Nature and Harmony Award 2002,

Organized the 1st Homer Founders Club 5krun with Mike Bonomo 2007,

Homer Township Coordinator for Pat O’Malley for Governor primary 2002,

Regional Director for Jim Ryan for Governor Nov. 2002,

Will County Co-Coordinator for Andy Mc Kenna for Governor 2006,

Homer Township coordinator for Jill Stanek for State Rep. 2004,

Homer Township Coordinator for Dr. Steve Sourberg for Senate 2008,

Homer TWP. Coordinator for Ray Rossi for Judge 2010,

Homer Township Committeeman of the year 2006,

Homer Founders Club Person of the Year 2006,

Homer Township Coordinator for Dan Proft for Governor in 2010 Primary, Homer TWP Tea Party Coordinator for Bill Brady for Governor Nov. 2010. 2014 Homer Township Co-Coordinator for Bruce Rauner, Coordinator for Jim Oberweis.

Actively worked with Americans for prosperity on their 2010 November is coming effort as well as 2014 Quinn moving out effort. I have worked with Americans for Prosperity since 2010 as well as Illinois Policy Institute/Illinois Opportunity Project and will continue to do so on efforts to bring down taxes and regulations.

I was a Delegate for Ted Cruz for the March 2016 Primary. 2016 I was elected as Republican Committeeman for my Precinct.

I organized first Lenten Soup Suppers at St. Dennis Church in Lockport, Organize and implement Safety Programs in Homer Glen, Lockport, and unincorporated Homer Township as EMA Director: 2006
Yellow Dot { Medical information in your car}
File for Life {Medical information in your home,
Cell Phone Donations { ability to call 911 given to everyone}
Early warning weather system
Facilitated Free CPR & First Aid Classes to schools, Business and volunteer groups as part of EMA Program 2006.

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