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Chicago politician wants foreign troops to take on city’s violence

Chicago politician wants foreign troops to take on city’s violence


President Donald Trump hinted earlier this year that he’d like to get the National Guard involved in taking on street violence in Chicago. As bad an idea as it is,  Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin just made one that’s worse.

Boykin says he’s in talks with the United Nations to investigate the possibility of sending troops to Chicago for a peacekeeping mission.

He met Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, the UN’s assistant secretary-general for peace-building support, in New York last week to discuss the plan.

“The United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations,” Boykin told reporters before the meeting. “There was tribal warfare between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Africa, and they deployed peacekeeping troops there to help save those populations and reduce the bloodshed. We have to do something — black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence.”

Asked to clarify whether he was actually advocating inviting foreign military personnel to patrol U.S. territory, the lawmaker said: “I’m talking about whoever the U.N. would decide to send in … I think that the assistant secretary-general may have some ideas outside of sending in troops. He may have some ideas about how we get to peace in these communities.”

“We can’t wait for the mayor to put another 1,000 police officers on the streets, and I’m not so sure that’s going to be the panacea, anyhow,” he added.

Source: Will County News

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