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Cut the Debt Ceiling!

Beautiful Homer Glen is a conservative municipality, and home to the Homer Lockport Tea Party and Homer Township Republican Organization. The last election people from our groups worked for Adam Kinzinger and Joe Walsh in their successful elections to the House of Representatives. Our Homer people like others that worked to elect people to the House that would not fund Obamacare, and cut all expenditures of the Federal Government. These freshman Congressmen should be standing firm to what we sent them to do, cut, cut, and defund Healthcare. Instead they are afraid of the media saying they failed by shutting down the Government. I tell each Congressman, “You failed to do what we sent you there to do if you continue to not defund Healthcare, and make substantial cuts in our budget that is negative Trillions. You control the purse strings. Only you can say how and what we spend our money for. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/cut-the-debt-cieling
It is very simple logic, which is hard for Liberals to understand. Money was spent that we did not have and never should have been approved. We are 14 Trillion in the hole, and still looking to spend.

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