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Enforce the law and jobs will come

I am asking myself why the State of Illinois is basically a sanctuary State for illegal’s. We are the worst State in the U.S. economically. We have high taxes, way too much regulation, and a huge corrupt Government. Illegal’s are a major part of the problem. I do feel for a person wanting to better their life by coming to our country. The issue is the jobs they are taking from our citizen’s and the increased cost to the taxpayers that are citizens. We need to also think of a citizen with Thousands of dollars in student loans, compared to illegal’s that get it paid for by the Dream Act, federal programs, and in some case social security.

The U. S. borrows $.42 for every dollar spent. This is absurd, but even more ridicules are spending taxpayer money to support non-citizens that are breaking the law by there just being here. The compassion ends when we are unable to take care of ourselves, while taking care of non-citizens. If we continue to support Illegal’s irrefutable destruction of our economy and way of life will happen.

Alabama passed the toughest immigration law in the U.S. Illgeals left, and there is room in the schools, less people in the emergency room, and lots of good jobs.

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