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“Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday called lawmakers back to Springfield for a 10-day special session beginning next week, to try to put an end to the historic budget impasse.

Rauner made the announcement in a Facebook video in which he also pushed for a Republican-backed ‘compromise’ budget plan. The clock is ticking toward the end of the fiscal year, with a new one beginning July 1.

‘Today, I’m calling the General Assembly back here to Springfield — a continuous special session that will start next week and stay in effect until a balanced budget is passed,’ Rauner said. ‘We have tough, urgent choices to make and the Legislature must be present to make them.’”

To end the current budget impasse, our legislature needs to come together in Springfield to pass a balanced budget that includes property tax relief, economic growth initiatives for our state, and term limits. Governor Rauner called a special session that will continue until a balanced budget is reached for our state.


Source: Will County News

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