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Hands off our Health Care rally a success

Saturday Morning the” Hands off our Health Care Rally” Successfully took place at Lockport H.S. The 300 plus people in attendance heard Speakers: Steve Balich, David From, Dr. Barbrara Bellar, Mark Batinick, Tim Kraudlidis, Dan Proft, speak out against the “Affordable Health Care Act” which is really the largest tax in American history. The Event was hosted by Americans for Prosperity and the Will County Tea Party Alliance.
The message was loud and clear. The American People and 26 States do not want this health tax which will affect the lives of everyone in the U.S. The present system needs some reform, but it is the best system in the world. People in countries with socialized medicine come here for treatment if they have the money because they have to wait weeks in their country for the free medicine, and often times they do not qualify. The 3000 pages still have to be read by most Congressman who exempted themselves from the nightmare. Many of the items in the act have nothing to do with health.
Sue Kleffman from Lockport H.S. was great to work with as was the maintenance crew. We thank them very much for helping us make the event go so well. Debbie K. and the Freedom Band did a fantastic job as ususal. The video of the event can be found at http://web.mail.comcast.net/zimbra/mail?app=mail#1.

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