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Joliet Junior College sticking the taxpayers

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I see a spending problem, as well as a Tax increase coming from our local Junior College JJC. I believe we need to spend tax dollars wisely, and not take more than is absolutely necessary. Brad Baber ran and lost the election to the Joliet Junior College school Board. He has not gone away and continues to attend the meetings. Brad explained what is going on and it is not good for the taxpayers.
The administration and many members of the JJC board still want to move forward on a $43M expansion plan of the City Center Campus. The taxpayers of the JJC district need to know that no significant studies were done to justify this level of expansion. No evidence has been provided as to whether past graduates have found good jobs in the district. No one knows whether good jobs would exist in the district for the additional graduates that would result from such a large expansion of the culinary and hospitality programs. We do know that the food and hospitality fields are among the lowest paying in Will County.


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