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November 21st Stand against Lockport H.S. Board raising taxes

Property taxes go up despite falling home values, because the taxing districts feel the need to raise their levy. I guess raising the levy to the max each year is prudent of those who believe in big government. It makes sense for those who believe government sector employees should be treated above the private sector when it comes to raises and benefits. It makes sense for those that feel increasing the amount of money increases the quality of the service. The simple fact is that if every tax body raised its taxes 3% each year, for 5 years, you would have over a 15% increase in your property tax. If your tax is $5000 now, it will be over $5800 in 5 years. There is a point when property tax will make home ownership too expensive.

Everyone needs to come to the Lockport H.S. School board meeting at 7pm Monday November 21st at the East Campus principal’s conference room. Make your opinion heard by signing in to open forum if you live in the District. We need to stand up to these school boards that forgot the taxpayer elected them.

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