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Balich Ordinance not allowing aerial photos to initiate code violations is now law after Executive Order by County Executive

1-14-2014 Me at Governors Forum 2

Balich Ordinance not allowing aerial photos to initiate code violations is now law after Executive Order by County Executive

The process addressing use of aerial photos in code violations began in April 2013 when Balich first brought a Resolution to the Legislative Committee. Balich said he was having trouble getting it to the right Committee. The issue was moving from Land Use to Judicial with not much happening. Balich eventually decided to move it forward as a change to the ordinance which required a public hearing and a full vote of the County Board. After playing ring around the Committees for a few Months moving from Judicial to Land Use to Executive and finally to a joint meeting of Land Use and Judicial in December 2013, it passed and was to be set for public hearing. Finally May 6th 2014 there was a public hearing, and immediately after the hearing the Judicial Committee voted it down. This was a shock for Balich who thought it would pass with no problem. It was dead as far as Reed Bible, Tom Weigel, Ken Harris, and Jacky Traynere were concerned. Balich said it is not over, he was not giving up. He said this is a people issue and could not understand why the Democrats and Weigel did not get it.

At the May 13th Executive Committee Jim Moustis motioned to put it back on the Agenda, for a vote of the full board. Reed Bible and Herb Brooks voted no the rest of the Committee voted yes giving the ordinance new life with a vote of the full Board. Jim Moustis made the valid point that 4 people from a committee should not have the power to kill an issue. Mr. Moustis also pointed out that anything can be added to the County Board Agenda by the Executive Committee. Balich was confident there were enough votes to pass from the full Board.May 14th the County Executive passed an Executive Order, putting Balich’s ordinance into law before the vote of the full Board. Balich is extremely pleased with Walsh’s decision standing for the people of Will County.

Executive Order 14-30
Aerial Photography Prohibited
Lawrence M. Walsh, will County Executive, hereby prohibits the Land Use Department and its personnel from using aerial photography to initiate an internal Land Use complaint of an ordinance violation. Dated May 14, 2014 and signed by Will Vounty Executive Lawrence M. Walsh.

Jesse Alaniz speake against use of Aerial photos to initiate Building Code violations

On June 6, 1788, James Madison warned “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations…” Madison also recognized that they, the Framers themselves could abuse their very own powers, “A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves lest while we are building ideal monuments of Renown and Bliss here we neglect to have our names enrolled in the Annals of Heaven.”
Enter then Reed Bible (Democrat), Jackie Traynere (Democrat), Ken Harris (Democrat) and Tom Weigel (Republican) who voted to allow the Will County Land Use Department to use Aerial Photos to initiate Building Code violations. I would hope then that Mr. Reed will spare me the threat that he is a lawyer along with his other credentials which appear to be more of a threat to my personal freedom rather than credit. As for the other Democrats it comes as no surprise. A majority vote by a majority mob gives them the right to do just about anything according to their platform. As to Mr. Weigel, a “Republican” I would remind him of one of Calvin Coolidge’s greatest accomplishments, “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business.” Calvin Coolidge
The Will County Board will not doubt attempt to dupe the people that this is legal and that “the courts have ruled”. Nonsense, the courts have not ruled rather the courts have drifted from the original intent of the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights. So what does this say about the Will County Board? There may be many who will be angry with this new unjust law but take comfort that the people of Illinois have awoken and that Will County just affirmed Gallup. The Tribune posted in an April 4, 2014 story that the state with the most trusted government in America was North Dakota. The state with the least trusted government? Yes, you guessed it, Illinois was the winner. But the news doesn’t end there. In another Gallup Poll (April 30, 2014) Illinois was one of the top states with up to 50% stating that they want to leave Illinois with an estimated 19% of those polled stating that they intend to move for various reasons. It is my personal opinion that 50% of those in Will County don’t trust their government, that 50% of those living in Will County do wish they could leave and I do believe that Will County’s fair share will leave the state in the future. What about the rest of us what can we do? Well there are three options.
The first option left to the people from the Declaration of Independence, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Of course designing men will tell you that this no longer applies which would then give the people the second option.
Associate Justice Joseph Story wrote in his Commentaries, “The people have established it and spoken their will; and their will, thus promulgated, is to be obeyed as the supreme law. Every department of the Government must, of course, in the first instance-, in the exercise of its own powers and duties, necessarily construe the instrument. But, if the case admits of judicial cognizance, every citizen has a right to contest the validity of that construction before the proper judicial tribunal; and to bring it to the test of the Constitution. And, if the case is not capable of judicial redress, still the people may, through the acknowledged means of new elections, or proposed amendments, check any usurpation of authority, whether wanton, or unintentional, and thus relieve themselves from any grievances of apolitical nature.” – §42
But if designing pen still persist that this too is “antiquated”, that the courts “have not drifted” and that the “courts have ruled”, I would then remind the American People of the United States Supreme Court case, “National Federation of Independent Business et al. v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al. ~ “Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, [who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them.]” – June 28, 2012. Tiocfaidh ár lá, the courts have ruled . . .
With the Almighty’s Blessing I Am,

Jesus Alaniz
This 6th Day of May in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Two Thousand & Fourteen

Balich Opinion on Woodbine Purchase

After receiving calls about the Meeting of the Village of Homer Glen, this Tuesday April 22nd at 6:30pm 14917 S. Founders Crossing, concerning the purchase of Woodbine Golf Course, I feel I should state my position as a taxpayer of Homer Glen.

1. I believe the purchase price was a great deal. The Village currently pays about ¼ Million Dollars to rent space at Founders Crossing each year. Stopping this bleeding of our Village coffers makes since. The Village needs to move in there as soon as possible.

2. I believe this meeting will give the public a chance to hear various options to what may be planned with the 100 plus acres that cost about 3Million Dollars.

3. I like the idea that a meeting is being planned to give the public some input. Nothing has been done at this point other than the purchase.

4. We need to make sure whatever the public and or Village desire as a finished product can be funded without a new tax, unless there is a referendum for the people to decide.

5. In the interim I believe since the Village owns the property, residents should be allowed to use it as long as it does not cost a lot of money. There are asphalt walking paths, huge fairways for sports practice fields, ponds for fishing, possibly a hall that seniors and other groups could use, plus God knows what else. We don’t need to raise taxes to do these things since they are pretty much ready to be used.

6. I don’t know where the money to buy the property is coming from, nor do I know what it will cost to develop a plan to convert the property to whatever its permanent use will be. My guess is a short term bond, or cash reserves for the purchase and site plan which could be paid by the ¼ Million savings in rent. Where the money to actually construct what is planned will come from is a separate issue.

7. When we hit the building phase sometime in the future, there should be a referendum asking the voters if they want to have a property tax, purchase another bond, or do nothing at that time. I know the General Obligation Bond to purchase the Illinois American Water transmission line could force a property tax if there is not enough revenue in sales tax to pay the bond. I don’t think this will happen, but spending on new projects does concern me. This is why I feel the voters need to decide at that future point.


Reform Our State

Reform our State

How we can change our State for a better tomorrow

Dan Proft WLS Radio Morning Host Keynote Jeanne Ives District 42 State Representative Steve Balich Will County Board Member
Master of Ceremony: Pat Hughes

Meet and greet with new leaders for a better tomorrow

State Reps: Mark Batinick District 97, Margo Mc Dermed District 37, Yvonne Bolton District 98, Glen Nixon District 79, Peter Breen District 48,

Will County Board: Darren Bennefield District 5, Annette Parker District 9

A Donation Will Be made to Dragonfly Childhood Cancer Organization

Wednesday 6-4-14

Music by Dave Molinari

3hr. Open Bar, Appetizers, and plenty of friendly People from 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Woodbine Country Club 14240 West 151st St. Homer Glen, IL. 60491

Sponsorships $150 Silver (3 tickets) $250 Gold (5 tickets) $500 Diamond (table 10ickets)

$40.00 Donation at the door or
Mail to: Elect Balich 12259 Derby Ln. Orland Park, IL. 60467

A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois

Do Not give up the Internet

1-14-2014 Me at Governors Forum 2The U.S. is controlled and operated by a group of people presumed to be led by Our President Obama. Since Obama took office he has lied to the American people, destroyed our economy, attacked our institutions, assaulted the Constitution, Religious Liberty, and changed the social structure to benefit those who do not produce. Did I leave anything out? I am sure I did.
Now the Administration after using the NSA to spy on the world is embarrassed by what other countries think of Mr. Obama and those in control in the U.S. The media which is now pretty much controlled by the government ignored all those scandals like Bengazzi, IRS Targeting, IRS going after media that won’t fall in line, and government spying on everyone in the world at the digression of who? The goal is obvious, to make the U.S. into a socialist system.
Why should the U.S. Government give up control of the internet that was developed by the military with tax dollars to any country, group of countries like the UN, or the “world”. It is ours and anyone can see the potential damage giving up control just to make Obama look good to the world. Once the World gets their grubby hands on control are we in greater danger? The world for the most part hates us. They pretend to be our friend as long as money keeps flowing their way with nothing in return to the taxpayer except the happy feelings generated by countries that kiss our backside and lie in wait with a knife to move to a stab a little higher whenever the opportunity arises.
When the internet is controlled by “who” will cyber-attacks on the U.S. become the norm. To pay the taxpayer back for the cost of development maybe every country should pay a tax to use our creation. Where our elected Representatives in saying no? They campaign on standing for America get elected and forget what they said. They want to be liked by the media so they shirk the responsibility of standing for what is right, which in today’s world is contrary to the direction of Obama and those who control him.

Why another Illinois tax increase

Lawmakers and special-interest groups across Illinois are trying to dupe Illinoisans into paying higher income taxes. They’re trying to convince Illinoisans that a progressive income tax hike is only a tax hike on the rich. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Need proof? Look at both progressive tax proposals on the table in Illinois.
Under current Illinois law, the individual income tax rate will be 3.75 percent in 2015. Under the progressive tax-hike plan from state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Champaign, a higher 4 percent rate kicks in on any income of more than $18,000. That income tax rate targets hardworking Illinoisans.
Jakobsson’s progressive tax rates also attack the middle class. Her 5 percent tax rate applies to income earned after $36,000. When an Illinoisan earns more than $58,000, Jakobsson’s tax rates jump to 6 percent, and again to 7 percent on income earned after $95,000 – nearly double the rate Illinoisans will pay in 2015.

Source: Email correspondence with state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson
Another progressive tax plan, developed by the union-funded Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, increases the tax rate for anyone who earns more than $5,000.

Source: IEANEA

It’s no surprise that Jakobsson’s progressive tax-hike proposal targets the middle class – it’s how progressive income taxes work. That’s where a lot of the money is.
Just look at where the top progressive tax rates – the rates that are supposed to “make the rich pay their fair share” – start in other states.

Source: Tax Foundation Facts & Figures 2013

So don’t be fooled when lawmakers say a progressive income tax is only a tax on the rich. The proposed rates in Illinois make it clear that lawmakers are gearing up to raise tax rates on Illinois’ working- and middle-class residents.
– See more at: http://illinoispolicy.org/progressive-tax-hike-would-hurt-middle-class-illinoisans/?utm_source=Illinois+Policy+Institute&utm_campaign=67da57680b-0220_unraveling&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f5a22f52c-67da57680b-11508273#sthash.KzSRjUFz.dpuf

Will County Capital Improvements projects/ Decision

23:00 minutes discussion of building fresh to what the County needs begins. The question is cost, and value. Is it cheaper and better to build new, or demolish an old building and build new? Is it cheaper to retro-fit an old building or build new on vacant land? Should the County look at the options, or dismiss moving everything to a central campus built specifically to our needs?

Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration Fundraiser

County Board members Balich & Fricilone Cordially Invite you to a
Ronald Reagan
Birthday Celebration

7:00 – 10:00 PM
Public Landing Restaurant
200 W. State Street Lockport, IL 60441

Music by Dave Molinari

Open Bar & Passed Elegant Hors d’oeures
Guest Speakers Include:
Dan Proft, WLS 8900 AM Chicago, Radio
Charlie Kirk, Fox News Commentator
Patrick Casale, KLAV 1230 AM & 1400 AM Las Vegas Radio

$1,000 Event Sponsor (includes event recognition and 10 tickets)
$500 Silver Sponsor (includes event recognition and 5 tickets)
$250 Bronze Sponsor (includes event recognition and 2 tickets)
$150 Supporting Sponsor (includes 2 tickets)

Sponsorship Opportunities and Ticket Information:
I will attend and request ________ tickets to be held at the door ($50 per ticket) or pay at the Door
I am unable to attend but would like to show my support by contributing $________


Please Make Checks Payable and Send to: Elect Balich
12259 Derby Lane, Orland Park, IL 60467 (Proceeds will be divided equally by Elect Balich and Citizens for Fricilone)

“A copy of our (Elect Steve Balich & Citizens for Fricilone) reports filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.”

2014 IL. Governors Forum hosted by Will County Tea Party Alliance


By MaryAnn Ahern
| Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 | Updated 11:36 PM CST

The Republican candidates for governor square off in their first debate, but the frontrunner was missing. MaryAnn Ahern reports.
Photos and Videos

GOP: Illinois’
Business Climate is ‘Broken’

Rauner’s School
Contribution Questioned
More Photos and Videos
Tuesday was the first of several forums planned in advance of the GOP primary for Illinois gov-ernor.
Three of the candidates, state Sen. Bill Brady, state Treasurer Dan Rutherford and state Sen. Kirk Dillard attended the Will County Tea Party forum in Plainfield, but the front-runner — Bruce Rauner — was a no-show.
An empty chair was placed on stage for Rauner, who asked that a surrogate read an opening statement for him, a request that was denied.
The questions ranged from jobs to education.
Brady said he plans to abolish the State Board of Education if he’s elected governor.
Rutherford was asked about his views on same sex marriage.
“I think we need to be very sensitive about this kind of a discussion. Is it perfect to be in a world that has a man and a woman bearing their natural-born child? Sure it is. But it isn’t a perfect world we live in,” Rutherford said.
Dillard was asked about Rauner’s claim that union bosses control politicians.
“I’ve taken money from the Operating Engineers, that’s a private union, and they’re concerned, and they support me because they believe I’m the best candidate,” Dillard said.
Earlier this week, Rauner said all of the attention he’s receiving and questions about using clout to get his daughter into Walter Payton Prep stem from his high poll numbers.
“I’m an independent guy, I can’t be bought, bribed or intimidated,” Rauner said.
Rauner initially said he would only attend five public forums, but has now changed his mind and will also attend an extra one later this week.
After the forum, a straw poll was taken that included Rauner’s name. The results will be an-nounced Wednesday morning.

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/GOP-Gubernatorial-Candidates-Square-Off-240225161.html#ixzz2qRrbAbgh

Bed Time Story about Government

Tax Payer bedtime story
• October 26, 2011
• By: Steve Balich
Once upon a time in beautiful Homer Glen, there was a retired man that was hired part time by a Home Owners Association to maintain the subdivision. His job paid $10 Hr. and consisted of making sure there was no trash on the street. He worked 2 hrs. per day, and since there was not much trash to pick up in the street, he expanded the scope on his own to the front lawns of the people in the sub-division. Everyone loved this guy, and saw a real value in what he was doing. There are 100 homes paying his salary so the $100 per week only cost each resident $1 per week.
Now this old guy likes working and the idea of everyone liking him. He tells the residents he would like to expand his duties to making sure the side walks are shoveled in the winter. These tasks are welcomed to be added to the old guy’s duties. His pay would now be increased 50 cents to $10.50 and he would be paid by the hour with a 2 hour guarantee each day. His base pay is now $105 per week, and after the first winter passed he logged 120 Hrs shoveling snow costing $1260. His pay with a small increase went from $5200 per year to $6720 or $1.30 per home per week. Some people were getting upset with the added costs, but still saw a value. The old guy going into his 3rd year of doing a great job asked the association for a raise of 50 cents which increased his pay to $11 per hr. Assuming he worked the same amount of time he now gets paid $7040 per year or $1.36 per home per week.
Taking the example of Government the old guy sees his chance to expand the scope of his duties by asking to increase his hours to include shoveling driveways for seniors that were unable to do it. The compassionate Residents agreed and after the first snow, the old guy found he did not have enough time to get all this work done so he asked the association to hire him a helper at $10 per hr. and give him a raise to 11.50 since he is now a supervisor. The home owners did not want to be mean spirited by not helping the seniors so it was agreed. The Old guy’s base is now $5980 plus 120Hrs shoveling snow giving him $7360 per year and his helper $1,200 per year or 1.65 per week per home.
Like any government employee who is doing a good job, they expect a raise which shows the association is happy with their job performance, so each employee is given an additional 50 cent per hour. The helper is angry because he is doing the same work as his supervisor and wants a bigger raise. There is hostility because the pay schedule is not fair. The helper comes to work angry, and does not work as hard. The Supervisor wants to get rid of the helper, but can’t come up with a substantial reason. The helper slips on the ice and sues the association for an injured back. The Insurance rate is increased and the Board of the association figures they will vote to terminate the position because it is getting to costly. Some residents are mad because they are now responsible to take care of their own property. Others are angry about the excessive cost they are expected to share. While others have no clue why they can’t afford to live there anymore, but feel forced to move to a cheaper neighborhood.