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Aerial Photos in Will County

Will County has in my opinion excessive regulations. An example is the use of Aerial Photos to initiate code violations. I have been trying since April to amend the Ordinance to not allow it. Finally in October I am getting movement and it will be going to a vote either in October or November.

Jobs not taxes and regulation

From beautiful Homer Glen I see numerous homes for sale, and know others are in foreclosure. People don’t want to leave their homes. Loss of income or a job is devastating to families, and forces a move due to economic reasons. Individuals in their 40’s and up experiencing loss of income and in some cases employment are forced into an economic situation they never dreamed would happen to them. What happened to drive our country into this mess? We have a mess financially locally, at our State, and Federally. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/we-need-jobs-not-taxes-regulations

The progressive model pushed by those socialist leaning elected officials have taken so much from those that produce, and put so many restrictions on business that it is economically not viable for business to grow, employ more people. Political Correctness has joined with excessive regulation, and lawsuits to make the cost of employing people to high.

Basic economics for elected officials

Understanding that spending causes Debt, and the Elected officials need to stop using our money to buy our votes with doing things for us. Remember the only money government has comes from the taxpayer.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

From beautiful Homer Glen, listening to the radio, I hear the jobless rate is now 9.1%. That high number helps me understand why there are so many homes abandoned and why foreclosures are rising. Business is struggling because people have less disposable income. The 9.1% number does not include people who ran out of unemployment, and those that just gave up looking for work. The actual unemployment rate is ? In any event there is a big problem.