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The base does not want Jeb Bush Republican/ Establishment needs to understand this

From Illinois Review
Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Balich: Republicans Are United … Against Jeb Bush


By Steve Balich – Wight Engineering event 402

When it comes to presidential politics, Republican and Republican-leaning Independents seem to be split on where they want to lend their support. While Trump has the largest percentage of support, his is nowhere near a majority, and it is slipping. If anything, support has been more evenly spread among the other candidates since the last debate.

We are more divided than ever. Or are we? If there is one thing that unites us, it is the fact that the base of the party doesn’t want Jeb Bush to be the nominee.

Both statistical and anecdotal evidence show this. Statistically, Jeb Bush is in a freefall. Poll after poll shows him in major decline. The latest Pew Poll puts him at 4 percent and in 6th place. And that’s with all the advantage of the party establishment, money, and name I.D.

The theory was that with more exposure and the race heating up Jeb would rise to the top. But the exact opposite has happened. As recently as July, the Real Clear Politics’ poll average had Bush firmly in first place at 17%. As the public has gotten to know him more, his numbers have fallen.

The anecdotal evidence is even more compelling. Try this a home. Ask your soft Republican and/or Independent friends what they think of Jeb Bush for president. You will invariably get the same reaction – an eye roll. It’s not even a “no.” It’s an eye roll. That doesn’t work well in a primary.

But what does that mean for the General Election? Not good things. In fact, you can ask your Independent and soft Democratic friends about Hillary Clinton. It’s a similar reaction. The vast middle of the country does not want a Clinton or a Bush again in the White House.

The Democrat leadership is hell bent on nominating Clinton. Why would we give up such a massive advantage in the General Election by nominating another person the middle just doesn’t want? I don’t understand it.

I like Jeb Bush. I believe he did a fine job as governor of Florida. He appears to be the smarter of the two brothers. But if he didn’t have the family and political connections that he has, he would be with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal at the second tier debate. Or worse yet, he would be with Rick Perry and Scott Walker – watching at home.

Elections are about the future. And Jeb Bush represents the past.

It’s time for the Republican Establishment to recognize that.

Steve Balich lives in Homer Glen, Illinois.

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