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The bumpy road choice

I need to understand the shortsightedness of those that support the concept of spreading the wealth, giving more bailout stimulus money to the bankers, and being a laid off union worker from the private sector; supporting the failed ideology that is moving America from a prosperous country to a place that will resemble Spain, Greece, or Venezuela. Our National Debt is now over $16, 000,000,000. Obama has spent more money than every president before him combined. That in itself is a disgrace, but through executive order he is ignoring the Constitution and dismantling the very fabric of our precious country as we know it.

The Concept of Socialism or spreading the wealth is not a new one. It appeals to emotion, but is completely flawed, and has never worked. Using of the inheritance tax as the ultimate example of taking earnings from one family to give to the Government for the benefit of all the families in the country. Socialist feel that wealth earned by any individual should be shared with everyone, but at death the wealth should belong to everyone. They don’t feel families should inherit wealth that they did not personally own, even if they contributed to building the wealth directly or indirectly. In real life your wealth is yours, you don’t want to give it away, and when you die you don’t want to be forced to give it to any person or government. Your last item you have any control over at your death is where your wealth will go. Warren Buffet, talks about taxing the rich while he is in a law suit with the IRS for not paying the taxes he is legally obligated to. We have the highest corporate tax in the world, so business moves to foreign country’s to avoid the tax. People in Blue, Democrat controlled states like Illinois are moving to states with more favorable tax codes.

The outrageous spending which causes the United States to borrow 40 cents for every dollar spent is a symptom of bad government, and elected officials that don’t understand the concept of balanced budget. Any official that votes to spend more money than is coming in should be chastised by the people. Blame as to how we got here goes back to the first elected body that borrowed more than could be paid back. Just paying the minimum amount on your credit card increases the principal. Eventually the principal increases so much, the minimum balance becomes unaffordable. The government at that point prints more money which makes all the money in circulation worth less. This is actually a tax because the government is taking more of our wealth. Our money is devalued with each stimulus. Funny those bankers get the stimulus money. It would be cheaper and more productive to give every taxpayer a stimulus of $ 100,000 that would have to be spent with proof, on any bills, debt, or purchases. Just think of the boost to our dying economy. Socialism preaches spreading the wealth, but in practice the spreading is to a select few, the elite who fund the election campaigns for those they expect Quid Pro Quo.

Just ask a carpenter or electrician how many people are laid off waiting for a call from the union hall, and looking on their own for almost non-existent work. Chicago is a “Sanctuary City” meaning there is no enforcement of immigration laws. This results in taxpayers picking up the bill for social services, education, medical, and criminal justice just to name some of the costs pushing up taxes on all citizens. These illegal’s work for less money and are not in a union. They scab union workers jobs, and often form non-union companies that take union work. 80% of the dues of union workers go to support Democrat Candidates that support keeping Chicago, and the State of Illinois as a safe haven for illegal’s. Now the situation with public sector unions is worse. The Candidates supported by the union are the ones that vote on pay and pension increases for the union at the expense of taxpayers. Public Sector Employees rarely get laid off, get higher wages than their counter parts in the private sector, and receive a pension that is unsustainable paid by taxpayers. Public employees retire with 70 to 80 percent of their last yearly salary. They are allowed to save up and take sick days, personal tine, vacation time, and comp time when they retire pushing their pension even higher. Teachers typically get raises beginning 2 years before they retire adding even more to the taxpayer’s bill.

We are heading down a bumpy road that ends with a cliff. We can change direction and the road will be bumpy but eventually it will be smooth and there is no cliff at the end.

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