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What happened when Mexicans adopted the American diet?

What happened when Mexicans adopted the American diet?

When the NAFTA free trade agreement passed in 1994, 10.8 percent of Mexican children were underweight. Now as adults, 72 percent of Mexicans are overweight or obese.

They’ve exchanged one form of malnutrition for another… and done so in greater amounts… all because NAFTA ushered in an American diet.

Where once most Mexicans dined on fresh tomatoes, vegetable stews, beans, tortillas, eggs, rabbits and free-range cattle grown or made at home or on nearby family farms, now they eat processed foods containing high fructose corn syrup, fast food from the chain burger joints and lots of soft drinks.

Big Agriculture replaced the local farms and displaced the local farmers – some 4.8 million of them. Most moved to cities seeking work, where processed foods are even more readily available.

Now most of Mexico’s produce is exported to America, and America reciprocated by sending back Wal-Mart, Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Burger King. According to The New York Times,  United States exports to Mexico have been dominated by meat, soybeans and corn. The average annual value of grains crossing into Mexico jumped to $4.7 billion in 2016 from $897 million before NAFTA. Pork and beef exports also surged during the same period; exports of high-fructose corn syrup jumped to $345 million annually from $5 million.

According to the research firm Euromonitor International, Mexico buys the most calories a day with 1928 calories per person, 380 calories more than the US.

The result is that diabetes is now Mexico’s top killer, claiming 80,000 lives a year, according to the World Health Organization. Western processed foods are driving an obesity epidemic into China, India and other developing countries as well.

Mexican trade officials say NAFTA didn’t cause obesity but instead reduced malnutrition, and the rise in Mexican’s deaths from noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease is “a symptom of relative prosperity.”

Obesity is not a sign of “prosperity.” It’s a sign of insulin resistance, inflammation and poor health. Same as with Americans, where 40 percent of food stamp recipients are obese because their diets consist primarily of soft drinks, processed foods, sugar-laced desserts, grains, milk and milk products and meat and meat alternatives.

According to my study, obesity is related to and the cause of every illness documented, including the degenerative diseases of cancer and heart disease!

Obesity, besides disrupting the immune system, creates chronic and silent inflammation which sets in motion a chain of biochemical events that result in a hormonal imbalance called leptin or insulin resistance, which makes it nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight.

Insulin resistance is the basis of all of the chronic diseases of aging because insulin resistance itself is actually the disease of aging. Cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, all the so-called chronic diseases of aging and auto-immune diseases are only symptoms.

Modern medicine is symptomology or the treatment of symptoms. The treatment of symptoms is a business, not a medical therapy.

Eating bad food gets us into this very critical inflammatory syndrome. Only eating good food will get us out. The simplicity of the cause of fat, overweight and obesity does not seem to match the critical illness that results. It all points to how devastating the wrong food is for health.

The key is to replace all processed foods with whole, raw foods. Raw food comes in the form nature created it to be, pure and clean, delivering necessary nutrients without the harmful baggage of man-made processing.

Start gradually adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your food intake until you are consuming one-half to two-thirds of your diet raw. Be sure the raw foods are thoroughly washed.

Not only are raw foods healthier for you, but they help you feel full quicker, are more digestible than processed foods and provide a potent source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Raw apples, vegetables, fruits, eggs and unpasteurized milk, cream and butter deliver most of the nutrients you will need for the day.

And if you’re looking for a simple diet plan that works, I’ve found that the Nutritarian diet created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a board-certified family physician with over 25 years experience practicing nutritional medicine, works effectively. The Nutritarian Diet involves no calorie counting, no feeling hungry between meals and uses the principle of “nutrient density” that allows eating tasty foods that ward off bad health effects like cancer, diabetes and dementia by keeping hormone levels balanced and normal.

Research has shown that insulin resistance and diabetes can be reversedwith proper diet, contrary to what the medical establishment will tell you.


Source: Will County News

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